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What we do

We offer quality French to English translations for a variety of text types, including, but not limited to, document translation (including immigration), subtitling, journalistic, literary, retail and political texts, texts for children and driver licences (also known as driving licence, driver's license, driver permit, driver's permit, driving permit).

We can proofread and edit your texts, whether they have already been translated or were originally written in English.

We also offer certified translations.

The list of services offered is not exhaustive. If you require a translation service not listed, please contact us with details and we will get back to you asap.

Immigration Documents

These include all documents needed for Immigration New Zealand. If you require documents for immigration or citizenship for other countries, please contact us and we will let you know if we are able to complete the translation for you.

Personal Documents

We can translate your CV, police check/criminal record check, work certificates including payslips.

Services are also available for the translation of academic transcripts and diplomas for various organisations and countries.


We can produce a transcript, a spotting list or ready to be integrated subtitles for your video. We can provide English or French SDH subtitles or captions. We can also translate your French language video into English.

Other Texts

We are able to translate your blog or newspaper articles, provide localization services especially relating to the retail field, translate political texts as well as texts for children and about children.